What a Business Attorney Can do For You

What a Business Attorney Can do For You
There are laws in place that dictate how and where you can run your business.  The law governs everything from the type of business, what constitutes malpractice, price fixing, taxes and a whole bunch of other legal considerations.  You need to understand the laws that pertain to your business.  How you set up your business will determine how you operate along with the management structure.  All of this can be confusing if you don’t have a law degree yourself and that is why you need to have a business attorney on your side. If you want to know what a business attorney can do for you, then read on.

Business Law Basics

Most attorneys specialize in some branch of the law, business attorneys work strictly with businesses they are not going to defend your DUI or represent you in your divorce.

Here are some of the things they will help you with:

  • Structuring your business LLC, Partnership or Corporation
  • Creating contracts
  • Creating a business plan
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collections
  • Closing your business or bankruptcy

Starting Your Business

When you decide the structure of your business, whether you have a partnership, LLC or a corporation chances are you will use an attorney to set it up for you.  They will discuss with you the advantages of each and how they will impact hiring employees, taxes and other responsibilities.  You can set up your business yourself but when it comes to contracts or other business issues then you will need to get an attorney.

Protecting Your Interests

An attorney’s primary job is to protect your interests regardless of the field of law that they practice in.  When it comes to business law some of the ways they protect your interest is in dealing with contracts.  Contracts in a business deal are there to protect both parties and outline the responsibilities of everyone.  Contracts can also be complicated, lengthy and filled with legal jargon.  Your attorney is the one who will translate the legalese along with making sure that all of the details of the contract are in order.

Business are also open to a variety of liabilities, from unhappy customers wanting to sue to former employees potentially causing trouble for you.  Again it is your attorney’s job to protect you from  lawsuits along with labor disputes.  Business law can be complicated and that is why you need an experienced attorney on your side.