Finding a Great Family Attorney

Finding a Great Family Attorney

Family attorneys are there to help you in a variety of situations from divorces to adoption.  Divorce and custody matters can be some of the worst times in your life and that makes finding a great family attorney incredibly important.  Not only do they need a great deal of compassion and understanding they also need an excellent grasp of the law.  Here are some of the characteristics that a great family lawyer should have.

Communication Skills

Your attorney needs to be a great communicator, both with you and while in court. They need to take complex legal issues and explain them in laymen’s terms so that their clients understand what is going on. You need to feel comfortable speaking with your attorney so that you can effectively tell them what concerns you have along with the outcome that you want. They should be able manage your expectations effectively and if the case goes to court they need to communicate your side of the situation

Legal Experience

Family matters are delicate and sensitive.  When it comes to divorce and child custody matters your future is on the line and you want an attorney who has the experience to handle your situation.  Divorces can affect every aspect of your life including finances, your career and even your retirement. Child custody is even more traumatic than divorce and you need an advocate that will protect your family.

Calm and Cool

Family law is extremely emotional but you need a lawyer that can maintain their cool regardless of the situation. If your case ends up in court then you need an attorney that can remain cool while still arguing vehemently on your behalf.

Available to Take Your Case

Good family attorneys are in demand and they may not be able to take your case.  If they agree to take you on as a client then they need to be available for more than just court appearances.  They need to be able to take your calls and be available to work with you through the entire case.  At the same time most attorneys have great support staff there to help them with their workload.  You may end up dealing with other members of the team and that’s fine but your attorney needs to be available to handle the case.

Anytime you have to deal with family court then you need an advocate on your side to protect your interests.